Suspiria ★★★★★

I've been wanting to see this one for a while. It was supposed to be released in my neck of the woods back in January, but it got delayed, then it came last week but only to two theaters. Didn't matter I got to see it today anyway, and holy fuck this movie kind of kicked me in the brain, and in the balls, repeatedly, like very repeatedly and I fucking loved it.

It started well enough, I went into it really wanting to like it, but it did take a bit of time, although not that much, to grab my attention, and is one of those that once it get you it doesn't let you go. It goes in with a slow pace, but one that works. i won't say it doesn't feel long, cause it does, but in a way that it doesn't matter. I never got anxious or was eager to leave, if anything the movie kept me engaged and excited about what was gonna happen next.

I really don't want to compare it that much to the original, they are VERY different movies, and while i did liked this one more, it does mange to be respectful to what argento did, and there are important nods to the original, specially in a sequence near the end.

Its entrancing and gorgeous, but also pretty fucked up, is not overly gory, I mean it is, a lot, but for most of the running time it goes more for fucked up and erie imaginary, and it really knows how to use it, to the point that it balances very well with the more gory bits later on.

I like that we see more of the women that run the school, not only their schemes and rituals but also their day to day, and even a bit of their inner politics. And I liked the characters, as it tends to happen with me I would of maybe like to see more of them and their relationships, but what we got, does work, and when it comes to the dance academy you do get a sense of how the dynamics are and work.

I also like, and yes this review is pretty much gonna be me just saying over and over how amazing this movie is, that they use the time period to add to the tension, it feels like something is gonna go really bad and is enhanced by the political climate and specially the highjacking, plus when it comes to people leaving or just going missing, it seems easier to cover up in a time and plaice like this.

It talks about motherhood, sexuality, religion, and power, specially abuse of power, and it doesn't sacrifice the movie for a political message or to be pretentious, it uses the themes well, if anything it adds to some of the tension of the movie, and the dramatic moments.

The acting is really fucking great. Everyone is very good, Dakota Johnson, is, as alway, really strong, going, from shy and meek, to being entranced by the forces on the academy to confident and scary, and also everything in between. And then is Tilda Swinton who is amazing in this, she has a lot to do a and I mean A FUCKING LOT, can't go into detailes cause i think it spoils a bit, but she is just amazing.

I like that it looks the way it does, I like that is as fucked up as it can, I like the characters, I like that its a completely female horror story, and I like that even when it does things very of the genre it feels quite unique. And finally I like how much I loved it.

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