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Writer. Filmmaker. Teacher. Interpreter of hamsters.

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  • Wonder Boys
  • When Harry Met Sally...
  • Kisapmata
  • The Birdcage

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  • The Starling Girl


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  • Bottoms



    I wish I liked this more. But no.

  • No One Will Save You

    No One Will Save You


    Why this is not in theaters is beyond me.

Popular reviews

  • Eldorado: Everything the Nazis Hate

    Eldorado: Everything the Nazis Hate


    The most important lesson we can get from this horrific slice of history is that the civil liberties we have fought for and won can be taken away from us, anytime, just like that. It's already happening now with the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision allowing business discrimination against LGBTQ+ customers. Who's to say this is not the first step backwards? Our enemy is our complacency.

  • A Little Thing Called Love

    A Little Thing Called Love


    The Thais know something about longing. They capture it well on film. The mad surging, the illusion of nobility in denial, the perfect — if short-lived — happiness of catching a glance, a smile, or a touch from the beloved. Which is to say I have finally managed to catch Puttipong Pormsaka Na-Sakonnakorn and Wasin Pokpong’s สิ่งเล็กเล็ก ที่เรียกว่า..รัก [A Little Thing Called Love, 2010] … egged on by the sheer popularity of the film among girls (and women) around me…