Possessor ★★★★½

The name Cronenberg goes up on the list of all-time greats when it comes to horror right after Hitchcock, and the son holds true to it. Possessor, as described by a friend, is Inception meets Gaspar Noe; and there is no better way to do it.

The movie, I felt is more sci-fi thriller than horror, but I can understand why people would classify this as a horror movie; I could just be conditioned that way. The direction and the style of the movie are unlike anything that I have seen in a while. Cronenberg gets major props for this movie; he is the star of the movie. He puts you right in the shoes of the main character. A few sequences reminded me a lot about my favourite movie of all time, 2001; and that alone biases me towards this movie.

The performances in this movie are exceptional and even though the movie is a slow burn, keeps you glued to the movie during its entire runtime. The most standout of these performances is delivered by Christopher Abbot, who stands and delivers a brilliant performance.

This movie has been implanted in my head some beautiful, gory sequences that is just absolutely gorgeous.