Stree ★★★½

When I saw the trailer, I was a little skeptical. This film exceeded my expectations by miles. I've been a huge fan of Raj & DK since the Shor in the city days, they've previously experimented with horror-comedy genre with Go Goa Gone.

It's been a long time since I've seen such an original Hindi film. Amar Kaushik who's the debutant director, nails it with the tone and the aesthetics of the town. He seems in complete control, uses camera movement thematically. Although it lacks any innovation in camera department, it anyway makes it up with some really complementing camera work in parts. The setup feels a little longer, probably because of the world they had to setup. The second half is a complete riot. I have never in my life, felt this way while watching a film, i.e. shit scared and in the next moment laughing my ass off. It takes a leaf out from the classic horror-comedy An American Warewolf in London.

The background score by Ketan Sodha was absolutely exhilarating and the sound design amplifies every effect.
The writing by Raj & DK is razor sharp, they create this self aware world that in itself is quirky and dialogues by Sumit Arora earn every bit of laughter coming it's way. There is obviously is the subtle subtext of male patriarchy and satire on usual Hindi horror film tropes. The ghost seems straight out of a Ramsay horror film. There are moments of jump scares and genuine energy that helps the movie cruise.

Rajkummar Rao as usual nails every expression and dialogue nuances of the lingo. Every other cast member is worthy of appreciation. Shraddha Kapoor surprisingly gives a good restrained performance. Pankaj Tripathi is at his usual best, his character Rudra bhaiyya is really well written of how he claims to have so much knowledge, and how he keeps getting a phone call. It's well written and can maybe have a spin-off(??).

I would've given it a higher rating I'm just waiting to see if this film holds up.