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  • A Tale of Two Sisters

    A Tale of Two Sisters


    (Watched behind the covers on Shudder)

    "There's something strange in this house..."

    A special kind of horror that had me gripped and pulled in by the plot and characters while also forcing me to hide behind my girlfriend thanks to the bone chilling imagery and atmosphere in this masterful thrill ride of a story.

    I think the only issues I had with it are in certain aspects of the writing, but maybe some things are not translated the best which…

  • Bumblebee



    (Watched on Hulu)
    Another piece of entertainment in recent years that dives into the fun nostalgia of the 80's, except it's not jarring and it actually works in favor of the plot and...well it's transformers the most iconic toy from the 80's.

    This movie is just fun and I'm bummed I didn't get to see it on the big screen, but none the less just a blast in comparison to Michael 'Bayhems' messy explosive Transformer movies.

    My favorite part of…

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  • The Killing of a Sacred Deer

    The Killing of a Sacred Deer


    (Streamed on Amazon Prime Video)
    A searing fever dream that boils under your skin as you watch a family completely detatch itself from their normal loving life into a confusing hellscape determined by the loss of life on the hands of a simple yet crucial human mistake. I need to watch more Yorgos films to really grasp his concepts and style but I absolutely loved what fed my eyes. I left this one feeling satisfied in a really dark and Fucked way, in which I'm sure was his complete and total expectation. A haunting masterpiece.

  • 13 Assassins

    13 Assassins


    (Watched on Hulu)
    Such an explosive dive into the dying era of honorable samurai. Among the many samurai/Ronin genre films that I've seen, this one really expresses so much in terms of how senseless and chaotic politics were in that time of Japan. It's great that a film can portray that struggle while building relatable characters all on their own motivated vengeance trip, and visually captivate you along the way. I mean this film expertaly pulls off an insane 40…