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  • Annie Hall

    Annie Hall



    I couldnt stand Woody Allen’s character thoooo. He’s like so neurotic. I dod appreciate the dialogue and conversations. The movie depicts relationships in a way very few others do. The movie flows and makes sense. It’s funny , it’s awkward and sometimes it’s infuriating ( why are people like this? ). What’s sure is that the script is very good. A lot less creepy than Manhattan for sure.

  • Capote



    Excellent stuff here. PSH is truly missed. I honestly haven’t seen a movie with him where his character doesn’t stand out. His acting is so impeccable. But here, he is truly fantastic. The movie wouldn’t have worked without him. This is acting! Keener is very good too ( as usual ).
    The movie is great too. Writing, acting, cinematography, direction, it’s all there. From the beginning, I didn’t know quite what to expect. The way things are revealed feels unforced; the film just flows so naturally. It’s also entertaining and gripping. We want to know what happened and why it happened.

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  • The Sisters Brothers

    The Sisters Brothers


    Go see Audiard's #TheSistersBrothers even if westerns aren't your thing. It features a terrific cast (Phoenix, O'Reilly, Gyllenhaal, Riz), and a solid script. It's a character piece about brotherhood, relationships and how greed can ruin it all!

  • Blue My Mind

    Blue My Mind


    SIFF #10 - 4.25/5
    Lisa Brühlmann debut film is great, and I can't wait to see what she does next.
    Shape of Water DARKER
    Phenomenal debut film
    Great lead performance
    Great cinematography