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  • Swamp Girl

    Swamp Girl


    For a such an unremarkable film, there sure is a lot to unpack, so I'll just point out that country singer Ferlin Husky adjusts his hat through the whole darn thing, as if he's never worn a hat before.

    An adequate, folksy crime drama with beautiful scenery and brief mud wrestling.

  • Vampire Resurrection

    Vampire Resurrection


    In a sort of variation of Warlock (1989), a 19th century man arrives in modern times as a vampire in search of the woman he once loved. How SHE ended up in modern times, we still don't know. To make matters worse, she is also pursued by her maniacal ex-husband who may also be from a hundred years back. It's a small world.

    Hot off the success of the Subspecies series of films, Denice Duff's sole directorial effort stars herself…

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  • After Midnight

    After Midnight


    After pulling a gun on his students on the first day of class, a psychology professor invites some of them for storytelling at his home. ‎

    The three stories told make up the bulk of the movie, but the wraparound is much more developed than what most horror anthologies have.‎ Creepshow this is not, but what After Midnight lacks in star power and morbid cynicism it makes up for in charm, good photography, and anything-goes abandon. The movie is wild, but not excessive. It's campy, but not exploitative. It's passably spooky, but altogether entertaining. 

    Be warned, however: nobody let it all hang out.‎

  • Ruby



    With an atmosphere similar to The Town That Dreaded Sundown and some truly frightening moments, Ruby is a creepy Southern melodrama about ex-mobsters and the supernatural. It does a remarkable job taking its time building tension and revealing itself to the viewer, setting itself above many of its psychic/possession-themed horror contemporaries.

    While not devoid of campy, B-movie thrills (especially at the climax), Ruby remains an underrated showstopper that took me way too long to see.‎