Blood Shack

Blood Shack ★★★★★

Carolyn Brandt worship. Artful wide shots of temperamental desert rats. Family fun at the rodeo. A spectre that haunts a dilapidated shanty on a barren ranch, sword in hand.

Blood Shack feels like a very personal film. Ray Dennis Steckler photographs his ex-wife playing herself amidst a lifeless, dusty landscape in a way that is both admiring and wistful. The walls of the house are covered in posters of the pair's older movies like The Thrill Killers and Incredibly Strange Creatures.

"They could've been my own children, except that I didn't have any" narrates Brandt over a scene she shares with her and Steckler's two real-life daughters. "All I had to show for myself were a couple tragic marriages, a career slump, and a ranch."

Nothing would please me more than an AGFA blu-ray of this western-horror schlock masterpiece.

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