Giallo in Venice ★★★½

Knowing nothing of this film before viewing, I was expecting a simple, sexy Italian detective film à la Plot of Fear. What I got was something that I think out-nasties The New York Ripper. There were a handful of moments during Giallo in Venice when I was glued to the screen, jaw agape, and just thinking "holy shit." Three cheers to me for not being completely jaded by now.

The sex and violence are honestly shocking. The film lures you in with a friendly cop character with a funny habit of always eating an egg, then it ambushes you. Sleaze turns into smut, and the murders nearly reach the literal definition of torture porn. It's a rough, dirty movie. I felt like a horror virgin again, which is good?

Venice is shot very favorably. It's beautiful, and I want to go once I regain my senses. The loud, brass score throughout the film enhances its grandeur. So that's something pleasant this has to offer. Come for the mutilation, stay for the scenery. Watched on Scorpion Releasing's new uncut blu-ray, which is quite an item.

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