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[PLAY] 》My SOVHORROR Collection

By no means is this all the shot-on-video horror I own on physical media (ha!), just the titles released through A growing list.
Excludes titles I have on other labels/formats.

Not yet on LB:
SOVHORROR Trailer-O-Rama (2021)
Night Songs (1999)
A Face Full of Bullets (1996)

Read notes
  • HorrorGirl
  • The Crawling Brain
  • Slumber Party Murder Mania
  • A Woman's Scorn
  • Dead Teenagers
  • Slimoids
  • Dinogore
  • Metal Maniac
  • Return to Yucca Flats: Desert Man Beast
  • Crimson Heather
  • The Craven Cove Murders
  • Deadly Tales