Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★

In the Culture War of 2021 I consider myself a free agent. The tribe of Snyder is not one that is a natural ally, and yet I am sympathetic to it. My distaste for tattoos and frosted hair and the overall Hot Topic aesthetic is real, but I find it entirely non-threatening for whatever reason. And the credit sequence of this film has moments that are Spielbergian in their feel for small but meaningful cinematic touches. The thing with the soldier parachuting down comes to mind. There's even an entire character arc told in purely visual terms that is actually quite rich in those opening minutes. Who else is doing stuff at that high a level these days? Not many people in my opinion.

This film is two and a half hours long and is somewhat entertaining for long stretches. The head of a zombie queen functions as a MacGuffin. Some movies feel like they have several endings, this movie has several *climaxes*. This #SnyderCut is an indication that we need studio heads who get movies to be put in charge once again as there's plenty of fat that should have been taken out. Then again who cares, let the good times roll.