Bee Movie ★★½

my top ten favourite moments ranked by how often i think about them on a daily basis:

10. when vanessa asks her boyfriend why a bee’s life has less value than his
9. ‘are you her little......... bed bug?’
8. the suicide pact wherein barry dies twice and the fact that such a scene was allowed to be included in a children’s film
7. barry knocking himself out giving vanessa a high five
6. ‘living out our lives as honey slaves to the WHITE MAN’
5. ‘my sweater’s ralph lauren and i... have no pants’
4. *vanessa stabbing herself with a fork* ‘well that was a little weird’
3. the whole dream sequence wherein vanessa swats a bug as she and barry laugh about it before crashing a plane into a rock
2. ‘you work through it like any other emotion. anger, jealousy (under his breath) lust...’

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