Girl, Interrupted

Girl, Interrupted ★★★★★

‘you know, there are too many buttons in the world, there’s too many buttons, and they’re just.. there’s way too many just begging, they’re just begging to pressed, you know? they’re just, just begging to pressed, and it makes me wonder, you know, it really makes me fucking wonder, “why doesn’t anybody ever press mine?” why am i so neglected? why doesn’t anybody reach in and rip out the truth and tell me, that i’m a fucking whore, or that my parents wish i were dead.’

sometimes a film just happens to you, and rather than watching and observing the pixels melt together, you find yourself being absorbed into the empty universes within the screen. sometimes i feel like the insides of my mind are splitting, like there are parts of myself that just don’t want to fit together. girl, interrupted dug deep into my chest and hung my heartstrings out to dry; i felt it in my throat, like it was unraveling me. i have what is quite possibly the worst attention span in the world, and i couldn’t look away. it’s electric and intoxicating, and i feel like there is a piece of me that has been scooped out and left inside of it. this film is two hours of submersion, of learning to breathe underwater. i am so moved, and i don’t think that i have fully emerged from the world of it. i feel as if i’ve been scraped raw. i want to say so much more, but i know that i cannot truly paint such an immersive and engrossing experience into words. hopefully i’ll be able to write more on this once i have been able to step further away from it, but for now i’ll just say this: phenomenal.

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