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  • Tribulation 99: Alien Anomalies Under America

    Tribulation 99: Alien Anomalies Under America


    A little Craig Baldwin goes a long way.

    As usual, I was impressed with the dizzying cascade of images but also found it a bit overwhelming. And I found the plot, such as it is, a bit hard to follow. In the end, a film that's more interesting to think about and talk about after the fact than to actually watch. But a stimulating viewing experience nonetheless.

  • The Italian Straw Hat

    The Italian Straw Hat



    A bit slow, a bit contrived, a bit creaky .... but a very fine denouement.

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  • Tully



    I'm generally not wild about SPOILER ALERT "A Beautiful Mind"-type plot twists.

    "Tully" is a sharp, well-observed movie about the challenges of motherhood and caring for an infant, and it might have been better had it not conjured up an imaginary friend for its protagonist.

    The film deserves kudos for taking post-partum depression seriously, but goes far too easy on the husband, who is supposed to be a decent, if somewhat detached, guy, yet doesn't have the wherewithal to question…

  • The Sheik and I

    The Sheik and I


    Obnoxious, but also provocative and entertaining.