Holy Motors

Holy Motors ★★★½

What a magnifying experience this film is. Experience is the best word to describe it, actually. It is indeed as strange as everyone had warned me about.
It definitely keeps you going. What is he doing? Why is he doing it? Where are why? and most importantly What is happening? Because you never know what is happening in Holy Motors. All you know is Mr.Oscar, which at the beginning of the movie said goodbye to his family in the morning to take off to work seemed to be going to an office to sit at a chair and talk business when actually, he goes to his limousine where he is taken around town doing ''appointments''.
To be completely honest, I thought Holy Motors would reveal an immense story behind all those little stories put together. It didn't, which was kind of sad to me. It makes you think, though. Leaves it up to suggestion what could be happening and what sort of world we have here.
Visually, Holy Motors offers some great frames. My personal favorite was his role as the old weird man in a green suit eating flowers. What a joy... It leaves up to interpretation. It is a good film, because it is a film that makes you talk about it.
Worth checking out.

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