I Saw the Devil

I Saw the Devil ★★★★½

HELL YEAH! The good guy from Oldboy goes all psycho in this one and serves a purpose in life only to pick young girls up and slaughter them for fun. Until one night he decides to lay his hands on the wrong person, and he ends out murdering the pregnant wife of a detective.
And the detective lashes out completely, as expected, and he embarks on a journey of revenge against his wife's murderer, who is obviously the target of all the rage he has built up concerning what happened.
This film is the bomb, and for so many reasons...
More importantly it makes you question yourself morally. Who was right and who was wrong? Weren't both main characters equally corrupt? What especifically were their reasons? How far would you go to avenge the ones you love? These are only a couple of the questions this film made me wonder about, and it feels great - to have a film make you think.
On top of all that, the film is visually fenomenal. Most scenes have very vivid colours in them and that gives you a very warm feeling towards what you're watching. Action scenes aren't boring as usual, quite the opposite. As Gustav's review mentioned, ''it's a cat and mouse game film'' but one that leaves you desperate to know how everything will turn out.
And can we just talk about that ending.

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