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  • The Love Witch

    The Love Witch


    "The love child of a Joe Sarno - Radley Metzger - Doris Wishman - Russ Meyer Orgy"

    LOVE this: Smart, funny, informed and technically superb. Biller has a stylish eye and whipsharp sense of humor. A modern day feminist wielding 70's tropes like broflakes wield privilege on the internet.

    How I want to take Anna Biller AND Elaine out for drinks :)

  • The Dancer

    The Dancer


    It looks pretty

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  • The Guest

    The Guest


    Fast paced, slick and with a killer soundtrack.
    80's kids will love this!

    From the Halloween high school dance decorations to the not so subtle John Carpenter nods; the 70's political thriller pastiche to the quintessential diner locale in middle America - this is an expert mix of genres. Director Adam Wingard & Writer Simon Barrett just keep getting better with every film.

    Dan Stevens has left Downton Abbey well & truly behind; and Maika Monroe is fantastic - every bit as good as she is in It Follows.

  • Entourage



    Oh the places you'll bro.