• Secret Society of Second Born Royals

    Secret Society of Second Born Royals


    Saw an advert on telly, I had high hopes. My hopes were dashed as it turned out to be shit.

  • LX 2048

    LX 2048


    Really enjoyed this, for me it had that element of surprise. One that looks shit but is ten times better than shit. I'll say again that I really enjoyed it and it got so interesting and it felt different. Not watched many films recently but this was good when I didn't think it would be at all.

  • All Roads to Pearla

    All Roads to Pearla


    Found it to be just boring. Nothing was remotely interesting about this at all.... no chemistry or anything between the characters.

  • The Dead Ones

    The Dead Ones


    A cast that I didn't know graced us during this movie but even then it was still decent to really enjoy because I did at LEAST enjoy it.. My rating says different because I don't think no matter how much it was OK, it's not one I would rewatch and feel even better about next time.

  • In Other Words

    In Other Words


    I don't even know what to say, every part of this was stupid and it was not even romantic. Just dull, dull characters, dull actors, dull plot. Yawn.

  • Follow Me

    Follow Me


    This movie is a mix of good and bad but at the same time, this really was a good one even after saying that. I love the poster and I loved how it had a good mix of everything that I want from a horror, when the previous movie watched didn't do it for so maybe my faith can be restored but this was not enough for that at least not yet. I did like this and I enjoyed the cast.

  • Antebellum


    UM.... The poster really is shit, sorry but it is. Movie not much better. Horror / Thriller not doing much for me at the moment.

  • Alone



    Very interesting and some all around good performances, but nothing really popped out at me like other movies like this. Just OK for me.

  • The Last Laugh

    The Last Laugh


    I think you'll find I got the last laugh out of this pile of shit.

  • The Babysitter: Killer Queen

    The Babysitter: Killer Queen


    I watched The Babysitter ages ago now and even I can't remember fuck all about that I even watched it or what happened, so I jump into this one and I still don't care. Good cast though, I have to say but nothing more.

  • Paranormal Attraction

    Paranormal Attraction


    The director directed Lillith so you know this was always going to be shit.

  • Love, Guaranteed

    Love, Guaranteed


    Just a generic rom-com. I liked the partnership between the leads and they are great at what they do.