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  • Beyoncé: Live at Coachella

    Beyoncé: Live at Coachella


    I LITERALLY burst into tears when Crazy in Love started. and the fact that song still slaps after all those years, how she's still crazy in love with Methuselah-Z....she really asked us "you ready?" and we thought we were. bitch we STILL aren't!!!!

    omfg and she chopped and screwed LIVE like she REAAAAAAAAALLY did that one for the H!!!!!!!

    she inspires/moves me more than any other living artist. to deny Beyoncé at this point is to be a contrarian for contrarian sake. shut up and get some taste

  • Aardvark



    I really think this should’ve been a play instead of a boring film

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  • Battle of the Sexes

    Battle of the Sexes


    Emma Stone saw Moonlight’s gay ass snatch that best picture oscar right outta her hand and thought “a bitch won’t be fooled again!”

  • Spider-Man: Homecoming

    Spider-Man: Homecoming


    the mcu is like the man in my life who I always tell my girlfriends "oh I'm over his ass!" but then he hits me with a "you up?" text and I respond literally seconds later.