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  • Mrs. America

    Mrs. America


    Why must wealthy white suburban women weaponize their power in order to fortify a patriarchal/white supremacist system?

    I have hated Phyllis since I learned about her when I took APUSH in high school. I don’t understand why such an intelligent and powerful woman refused to see how the system abused her status as a woman, and how her political jobs made her a complete hypocrite regarding her personal views of femininity. 


    This show does a great job at showing…

  • Unorthodox



    To everyone who gave this miniseries four stars: did we even watch the same show?

    Don’t get me wrong, there’s some really great things in this show. The casting for the two leads was fantastic. The chemistry between Esty and Yanky before their wedding was adorable! Amit Rahav did a great job at portraying arrogant naïveté and blind trust. Shira Hass’ talent absolutely blew me away. The plot and dialogue often fell into cliche troupes, but her acting kept the…

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  • Black Widow

    Black Widow

    this movie is coming like seven years too late but okay I guess

  • Big Time Movie

    Big Time Movie

    the scene in the hotel lobby invented cinema. BTR is skinny. fuck spielberg!!