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  • About a Boy

    About a Boy


    Well this movie is just adorable now.

    It could be my new favourite Hugh Grant movie, everything feels natural and genuine.


  • Booksmart



    I don't get the huge hype around this movie.

    Yes it was fun, fun characters, I like most of the acting and actors but it's not revolutionary or anything.

    It is good that this movie encourages people to not to forget to have fun while focusing on a task though.

    Nice, fun movie to spend your time if you're in the mood for a light comedy :)

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  • Volver



    I'm a huge fan of Pedro Almodovar and this movie was no disappointment.

    I mean if you would just read the script it sounds like a telenovela but it's directed in such a way that it becomes this very human drama that leaves you in a void after watching.

    I would definitely suggest you watching this if you're into dramas with great acting and of course, Pedro Almodovar.

    Very real, human and emotional.


  • The Women on the 6th Floor

    The Women on the 6th Floor


    This film is kind of like a hidden gem of French cinema.

    I didn't have much of an expectation when I started watching this film but by 5th minute, I had a smile on my face and I knew I was absolutely going to love this film, and I did.

    This film is very straight-forward plot-wise. Spanish housekeepers in a French building and their relationship with the owner of the building. But it is undoubtedly one of the most heart-warming…