Ready Player One

Ready Player One ★★★★

I’m glad I walked into the cinema not knowing what to expect because it was honestly SO !! MUCH !! FUN !! much more enjoyable and funnier than I was expecting.

The movie pays homage to all the aspects of pop culture that shape our youth and remain with us as we grow older.  Ready Player One acknowledges the ability of these things to allow us to escape our realities, but it also warns us to not let this escapism progress to imprisonment and complete isolation from reality. 

The CGI was brilliant and I loved the futuristic setting in Ohio where people entered VRs in their RVs. I also loved “The Shining” scene and the Gundam ref so much omg shoutout to the weeaboos who stood up and clapped at that <333 literally would recommend going to see this movie just for The Shining scene it was THAT good and clever

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