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  • Teeth
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  • The Color Purple

    The Color Purple



    The glistening, harmonious musical numbers are so out of whack with the misery and grim reality lived by the women we meet throughout the story.
    It's garish and gaudy and incredibly distasteful. The RnB vocals and slick staging slows things down not move things on, especially the more emotional tracks.

    There are some great performances in this: Danielle Brooks, Fantasia Barrino - but it's the acting not the singing.

    Maybe it's because I'm familiar with 86 film, and the…

  • Hell Camp: Teen Nightmare

    Hell Camp: Teen Nightmare


    A look at Steve Cartisano's Challenger Wilderness Theory Camps in the USA - the origin of teen survival wilderness camps created to put troubled kids back on the straight & narrow.
    Largely unregulated, the programme expanded quickly and so did stories of abuse - and ultimately death.
    On one hand I can see how parents could have bought into the theory of these camps.
    On the other, how Cartisano & authorities never foresaw big dangerous problems is beyond me.
    Anyone with any…

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  • Entourage



    Oh the places you'll bro.

  • The Guest

    The Guest


    Fast paced, slick and with a killer soundtrack.
    80's kids will love this!

    From the Halloween high school dance decorations to the not so subtle John Carpenter nods; the 70's political thriller pastiche to the quintessential diner locale in middle America - this is an expert mix of genres. Director Adam Wingard & Writer Simon Barrett just keep getting better with every film.

    Dan Stevens has left Downton Abbey well & truly behind; and Maika Monroe is fantastic - every bit as good as she is in It Follows.