The Tribe

The Tribe ★★★★★

An assault on the senses, ( and your sensibilities) THE TRIBE proved to be just as challenging as the second time round, and I mean that in a good way.
The absence of spoken words and subtitles makes you commit to really watching the film - you have to concentrate to follow the story, piecing it together via visual and physical clues. They're there - copious amounts of them, and while the director insisted on using untrained actors, his film certainly doesn't suffer for it.
Raw, real and urgent; you can smell the cold, the despair, the blood and the cheap perfume of these adolescents as they stumble through a nightmare of sex, drugs, booze and bullying.
They're damaged - and it's not because they're deaf. Overlooked, shut off and left to do their own thing, it's easy for them to isolate and be isolated making the downhill slide into tragedy and mayhem that much harder to stop.
This is a brutal film. I'm hard pressed to think of another with the last 15 minutes so bleak or violent. But it's not mindless. You feel their pain and their anger, and it's that which stayed with me long after the credits rolled and I left.