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  • Mulholland Drive
  • Love Exposure
  • Vivre Sa Vie
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion

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  • Sibling Secrets


  • Promiscuous Wife's Sexuality: Pleasure Hunting


  • Whore Angels


  • Three Slave Women


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  • Maid's Secret: Welcome Home

    Maid's Secret: Welcome Home


    Now, THIS is the Ozawa/Asami dynamic that I was hoping for in Erotibot! Their friendship here is just equal parts adorable and goofy. Very refreshing seeing Japan's tough-as-nails baddest bitch Asami in such a "moe" type of role.

    This is a whole lot of fun! It's cheap, it's lowbrow, but this sort of silly easy-going vibe really benefits these sleazy pinkus a great deal. We got a virgin vampire that conviniently regenerates and never dies! A quirky dumb soundtrack. Creepy…

  • Erotibot



    That little celebration dance mid fornication with a droid... Maria Ozawa and Asami are on that "treat yo self" shit, god bless 'em.

Popular reviews

  • Visitor Q

    Visitor Q


    I was afraid this would suck.

    Fortunately, it squirts.

  • March Comes in Like a Lion

    March Comes in Like a Lion


    Soothing arthouse. If that's a thing.

    Yoshiko Yura's performance makes the film. There's something child-like about her character that got blended with some sort of Anna Karina charisma spell and it turned out to be quite captivating and eerie. Quiet, turbid straightforward story of incest and prostitution, heartful, despite the humble surrealism.