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  • College Road Trip

    College Road Trip


    a family comedy drama with a message for parents who love their kids and very caring.Martin Lawrence, a very caring father, refuses to send his daughter to study in a university far from home.The movie is about their trip to georgetown university for her interview and the on way adventures with his scientist son and his pet pig.the script was narrated very humorously.and it can be watched with family.

  • The Lone Ranger

    The Lone Ranger


    I always wonder,is it successful to mix comedy and action in one frame.But, write the name "Johnny Depp" .when ever you see this name,you should not have any doubt about this.As always, with simple expressions and humorous stunts,johnny (tonto) steals the show,even though armie hammer plays the title role.Director was successful in potraying many emotions humour,action,drama in one flick.Even the duration is somewhat more than a average english film,you will not be bored with stunts entertaining you at regular intervals.If you started to feel bored,johnny depp will appear.nice movie to watch

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  • Jug Face

    Jug Face


    First of all,I appreciate the concept,because it is something you can find lacking in hollywood movies now-a-days.Director really succeeded in making the audience keep thier eyes on the screen,but some shots missed this anxiety.The audience may find this plot too complicated sometimes.but you can watch to know the way people are believing in superstitions in some parts of world.the idea of shunners roaming around the woods is creepy.it's not too crrepy or scary...people with heart diseases can also watch this.Finally, I have a doubt regarding this movie...'How about appointing a Doctor in that area..man!!!

  • Bad Kids Go To Hell

    Bad Kids Go To Hell


    "bad kids go to hell" and I won't say "audience go to hospital",bcoz spradlin did directed a very youthful movie.5 kids after being imposed detention were kept in a library which was forcefully taken by senator whose daughter is in those kids.it's a tightly woven script without any boring scenes and soft vulgarity added spice to this flick.can be watched