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  • The Girl

    The Girl


    A couple spending their last few hours together before their tragic death. Poetic, dreamy, emotional. Both characters are alienated, lonely, lost. They have only each other. No witnesses, no one to retell their story, unconditional love. Love in purest form. Short but kind of timeless. Stuck between life and death. They watch their first and their very last sunset, the whole feeling is bittersweet. Sad but very beuitiful and romantic. Really beautiful work by Puriša Đorđević, experimental a little bit. The dialogues are really well written, unique. One of the best Yugoslavian romance films.

  • Three



    3 stages of war, three-act structure, classic narrative. Miloš Bojanić, the main character, is witnessing the German occupation from different positions in society and different perspectives. More real than the Italian Neorealism, so real that is surreal. Muddy and foggy landscapes, unreal
    shots, swamps, graveyard. The journey starts at the train station, where everyone is expecting the train, just a few days into the war. Everyone is anxious. An military officer is asking people for ID's, they find a man…

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  • In the Tall Grass

    In the Tall Grass


    Patrick Wilson is on fire!  Besides that, cool idea but the realization is terrible. Weak characters, lot of stupid and unnecessary CGI. Lots of bad choices, the ending was so lame and stupid. Patrick Wilson  is really good.

  • The Walled In

    The Walled In


    One of the best Yugislavian films. Unofficial sequel to his previous film Befofe the truth and also his last and very best work. A wonderful story about an inmate and the guard. Ljuba Tadić is Strahinja the prisioner who killed the lover of his wife. Gavrilo the prision guard is masterfully played by Danilo Stojković, who was also cheated on by his wife. They are both trapped in this world, they have only each other. They are desperate and hopeless,…