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  • Seven Samurai
  • Paris, Texas
  • Tampopo
  • Woman in the Dunes

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  • Incident by a Bank

    Incident by a Bank


    I commend the effort of reenacting a scene with 90 actors/actresses from what appears to be one long take. However, it’s not groundbreaking or profound. It’s a simple, straightforward, inoffensive short film.

  • Taste



    While it does have some nicely framed shots and interesting scenes, this film did not captivate me. It would be better as a short film, if anything. 

    It felt like watching a series of nonstop odd art installations; which lost their luster as I became desensitized to them due to their frequency.

Popular reviews

  • Demolition of a Wall

    Demolition of a Wall


    Demolition of a Wall (1896) is the first film to use reverse footage. This a common film technique and it's neat to see where it was supposedly used first; however, I wish they let loose on that wall a bit more.

  • The Quiet American

    The Quiet American


    Apart from the main actress not being Vietnamese, the film was faithful and well acted up until the conclusion which undoes any good faith I had in the film. I’ve read the book and am aghast that they turned this film from anti-American interventionism into American propaganda. It’s no wonder that the author disavowed this film.

    With that it became just another Hollywood film that has taken a foreign source material and changed the conclusion for American audiences.