Bone Tomahawk ★★★★½


Whoa, okay, I've had a few days to collect myself after seeing this in Burbank, the only theater in all of Los Angeles showing this amazing film. I would prefer to have seen a 35mm version, but oh well.

What a script! Seriously, that was some excellent dialogue. They had me at the edge of my seat. I was actually surprised at Matthew Fox, when I first saw him I laughed out loud. I just can't get the whiny, sappy Lost version of him out of my head. Kurt Russell did an amazing job. The scenes with his wife felt so genuine, the language spilling out effortlessly. RICHARD JENKINS YOU GUYS!! Oh man, he stole the show!

Some of the rest of the casting, costuming, and sets were a bit off. You could clearly tell where something was real or was manufactured. At times, certain items looked too clean to be in the old west. They even had me wondering if they were taking a supernatural angle with the Indians, glad it came back down to earth eventually.

During the scene where everyone is at the bar making a plan to take care of what just happened, it felt so real, so true to what would have actually happened in a time and place like this setting. No hurried, intense musical score, just people reacting to a situation the way they would in those days. Not even going to mention that one scene, we all know, jesus. I just couldn't watch.

Please say goodbye to my wife.. I'll say hello to yours

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