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This review may contain spoilers.


Look this is a little mean but you guys are a bunch of babies. I swear this happens every fucking time. Some horror movie gets shown at Sundance and a bunch of old people and dorks go and see it and they all poop themselves and by the time it gets around to everyone it's just a lame duck. The ending makes me hate it more and there were some elements and ideas I dug, but ultimately it comes down to being way too long for a short film director's debut feature.

There is a restraint to the first third of the movie that's admirable. It feels like a Gregory Crewdson horror movie where these framed sets of images are communicating feelings that you're also being alienated by because it's being staged in this very controlled way. But as the movie goes it loses that concentration and becomes more amateur. It's not a very good script and I think you can add a buzzword to your think piece about it but I don't think it's about anything or not about anything fully. The horror doesn't progress in an interesting way and techniques involved feel more like flash than a director doing things for a specific reason.

The film is ultimately this "I'm better than your rinky dink horror movie" movie but like a lot of those kinds of movies it produces a worse version of another horror movie or in that one-upsmanship (I have the technology and schooling to do this better than you, old man) it produces a glaring misread of the movie it is trying for good or bad reasons "homaging". The Wicker man ending here, much like the Wicker man ending in Kill List, is very stupid and it doesn't feel tacked on but it feels unearned and underdeveloped. The reason that ending actually works in Wicker man is that it was always suppose to be the ending and it's a surprise that was always cast. It's incredibly hackneyed to do this ending when it's just for style. It just proves a lack of care to the work you're doing.

And from someone whose Grandmother was a medium and fortune-teller very slapped together shit (also it's not a very good Son-Mother movie). Maybe this guy's Doom Patrol movie will be better?

Not better than Manhunter.

Just remember to look under your bed tonight, kids! The Boogeyman is out there and he's real MAD!