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  • 21-87
  • The Abduction of the Sun and the Moon
  • Choros
  • The Cloud Door
  • The Demon

We Like Short-Shorts

257 films

My favorite shorts. Mostly experimental, animation, horror, and grotesque. There's some upbeat stuff too.

  • 8½
  • Scarlet Diva
  • Showgirls
  • Scream 3
  • All That Jazz

Dark Lights

44 films

Unflattering or negative depictions of performers and show business. A work in progress.

  • 24 Hours of Terror
  • 3 Sisters
  • 5 Dead on the Crimson Canvas
  • 5 Dolls for an August Moon
  • A... For Assassin

Death Wore Red Lipstick

223 films

Anything that has ever been called a giallo (either accurately or erroneously) that I've seen. There's a bit of overlap…

  • 2 Masks for Alexa
  • Act of Revenge
  • Afrika
  • Agenzia Riccardo Finzi... praticamente detective
  • Agonizing in Crime

Death Wears Yellow

263 films

Watch-list: Gialli and anything that has ever been accused of being gialli.

  • Alexander Nevsky
  • All These Women
  • Ashes and Diamonds
  • As You Like It
  • L'Avventura
  • Blonde
  • Goodnight, Sweet Marilyn
  • Marilyn
  • We Remember Marilyn
  • Good-by Marilyn


62 films

Marilyn biopics, Marilyn impersonators, Marilyn documentaries, Marilyn as a character, Marilyn as an icon, and other Marilyn worship/exploitation films.