Christina Durrington

Christina Durrington

Love movies and I’m just so silly

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  • The Life and Death of Ned Jetski
  • Nacho Libre

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  • The Life and Death of Ned Jetski

    The Life and Death of Ned Jetski


    I’ve watched this probably six times. My tears of laughter slowly turned to tears of agony and sickness as the surprise ending took a turn for the worst. This is not only the most involving cinematic experience I’ve had the pleasure to be a part of but it’s so captivating that I didn’t have the chance to rewind and listen as the main character Ned Jetski (Susan Boyle) engulfs the audience with a tsunami of laughter. It’s not only a…

  • Little Women

    Little Women

    Melissa McCarthy gives an outstanding performance in the 2010 based “action thriller” from dragons to those tron disks, this movie is sure to make the whole family laugh in this sci-fi romantic comedy!