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  • Mute


    MESS! After 25 minutes I was only watching to catch references to Moon. The only things i liked were: entertaining performance from Rudd, cinematography and Mansell's score which was far from his best. The protagonist was dull and so was his quest to find his lover, the plot with the surgeons didn't mix well with the rest of the movie at all. The pedophilia subplot was so clumsily handled it was absolutely disgusting to behold and I have no idea…

  • The IT Crowd: The Internet is Coming

    The IT Crowd: The Internet is Coming


    "I'm gonna die alone in front of computer pornography"

    I am Roy.

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  • Baby Driver

    Baby Driver

    I knew I was in trouble early on when Ansel Elgort was hopping on the street cheerfully and I was reminded of La La Land (which is mediocre at best). But when he started mouthing the lyrics to the songs that were playing like an asshole then I knew this will not go well.

    I had no idea it will be so terrible though.

    Nothing worked here for me. Not the romance, not even the villain - who had the…

  • Casino



    Insanely rewatchable, entertaining and in the end devastating masterpiece by Scorsese. Flawless film with amazing work from De Niro and unforgettable performances by Joe Pesci and Sharon Stone.