Article 15 ★★★

I wish it was more edgier.. more raw.. it felt like one of ayushmann khurana's lower rung movies.. he seems to be sedate, the anger is muted, their is no depth to the anger.. the whole episode is still far removed from him.. he wants to help, but is still an outsider..

There was an interesting scene of the young girl working in the commissioner house as a cook and accidentally sees ayushmann khurana removing his shirt.. I thought this was interesting.. were they going to show him as a predator now?. or are we going to see the young girl develop some attachment?.. nothing.. zilch..that scene is thrown in with no further development at all.. why do we need that scene if it has no meaning.. could have cut it out.

Similarly, there does not seem to be any one who wonders why a under age girl is working as a cook, even the activist who comes from Delhi and does the role of khurana's alter ego.

The movie is unable to decide whether it wants to be a movie about searching for the missing girl or the coming of age of a well to do police officer..