Fame ★★

It's difficult to try and review this objectively without comparing it to Alan Parkers flawed masterpiece. And it's difficult to see who it was made for (guessing the teen market), if you've seen the original you have no reason to watch this and if you haven't then you probably should.

And it's a missed opportunity to try and flesh out some characterisation and story lines that weren't completed from the original film, three iconic scenes from the original are copied here, to much lesser effect, there's a gender swap too that works less effectively than in the original, and there's virtually no characterisation, no one is interesting and there is no back stories to any of the characters, so whilst in the original you were left wondering what happened to most of the characters after the credits rolled, you don't care here, there's no emotional punch.

And if you are taking from the source material, then please go and watch the original again, there is no, I repeat no rap in fame (chronic stage version please note) - you will have to endure it not once but three times here. And for a musical, the music on here is pretty chronic, you don't even get FAME (though you get yet another rap version over the end credits).

They didn't manage to elict much of a cast either, Kelsey Grammar the only real known face. Though production values and cinemaphotography are actually quite high, it was like they didn't know whether to bring it up to date or to remake the old one and continue some of the stories. And in the end, they did neither.

Which is a shame.