Rogue One: A Star Wars Story ★★★½

Has a collection of great scenes which reminds me why I love Star Wars but as a feature length film has many problems.
The biggest problem I had with Rogue One was the amount of times I was taken out of the film and my immersion/enjoyment was halted. A certain element of the CGI in the film was incredibly noticeable and while I commend them for taking a risk with it I feel there could have been ways around it which wouldn't have taken away from the film. In a similar vein in this film apparently, blasters do enough damage to make someone unconscious to then reawaken for either one last line of dialogue before dying or to awaken seemingly unharmed and just continue on their adventure. There is one point this happens towards the end of the film which doesn't make any sense and is quite obviously just a way for them to change the original ending because of the re-shoots.
The only other major problem I had was some of the characters were pretty bland especially Krennic who's only purpose in the film was just to be there and whine about how he isn't getting any credit. Ben Mendelsohn plays the slimy backstabbing role so well I’m surprised they didn't go down that route with casting him.
With that being said the film does get a lot right ultimately adding to the Star Wars universe in a positive way. The battle Scarif is such a well-executed battle with one of the best space combat sequences I have ever seen in a Star Wars film. It also did well to balance the old and the new by not heavily leaning on the older films with in your face references which they could of easily fell in the trap of doing.
Although some people may see a 7 as a negative review of the film I still did thoroughly enjoy it but it’s hard for me to give it any higher because of the problems I had with it. I feel as time goes on this film will be picked apart as films of this nature are, the film has a lot of holes which can be ripped into in the future.

PS - I feel bad for anyone that bought the "I Rebel" T-shirts

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