A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors ★★★★

"Yo! Freddy! Where you hidin at, you burnt-face pussy!"

I'm so annoyed I had to separately rent this one to watch all these in order because THE ENTIRE FRANCHISE (including Freddy vs. Jason) is on HBO minus this one... wtf who even does that. Rude-ass licensing issues. Anyway I'll just continue on this random thoughts non-review style for these I guess? Thanks summer heat for turning my brain to goo.

When Kristen's gooping up the place with some nastyass paper mache and struggling to stay awake by eating instant coffee grounds by the spoonful... I feel called out.

So glad to see more of an original score returning, and the creepy dream sequences being back! The somewhat surreal reality scenes in part 2 were fine but would have been served a lot better if they weren't connected to this series.

Anyone else think it's ironic Morpheus is working in a psych ward helping keep people sedated/not awake via pills?

We had fake Meryl Streep playing Jesse's beard in part 2 and now we have fake Bill Maher playing a doctor in part 3. And semi-fake Corey Feldman, even though I've seen Bradley Gregg in several things other than this. And Screamers girl, which... lol when she's like "I'm going through some very strange shit" and Nancy's like "bad dreams?" and Jennifer Rubin is literally in a film called Bad Dreams, which came out a year after this and is apparently a NoES ripoff.

It's super neat that they kept some of the supernatural feel of part 2, but brought it back to the heart of the franchise by beefing up the dreamworld with it, via Kristen being able to pull people into her dreams. That's seriously badass and gives the film a whole new type of battlefield and a whole new set of dangers. Plus I like the dream powers, they're kinda cute and heartwarming.

The Freddy claymation puppet was SICK, I want more of that. And the stop-motion skeleton later. YES.

When we find out Freddy's "the bastard son of a hundred maniacs" then Robert Englund goes on to be in 2001 Maniacs. I guess the years multiplied the crazy.

I think I liked this as much as part 1, just for different reasons, and way more than part 2.

Please also see these two excellent reviews that go in depth to things I noticed but didn't want to bring up myself, since I don't have adequate enough words to do so on a good day (much less in my current lack of mental juice).


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