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  • Uncle Frank

    Uncle Frank


    “you’re pushing me away again. just when you are going to need me the most.”

    i don’t think i’ll ever recover from the ending of this movie holy-

    paul bettany was so good in this role. the emotion was there, the raw feelings, all of it. this was one of his best portrayals i’ve seen.

    the main reason i watched this film was for sophia lillis, and she did such a good job as she always does. she definitely brought…

  • Zodiac



    “not many people have basements in california.”

    i now have a huge craving for animal crackers.

    this had no business being this good??? the only reason i watched this was for rdj & mark ruffalo & jake gyllenhaal, no regrets. 

    this was one of jake’s best performances that i’ve seen. he did such a good job bringing the character to life. ALSO HE REALLY WENT INTO THE BASEMENT??? WHO DOES THAT WHEN YOU’RE IN A SERIAL KILLERS HOUSE???

    definitely one of the most ominous thrillers i’ve ever seen. a must watch. also, i won’t be sleeping tonight.

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  • The Croods: A New Age

    The Croods: A New Age


    “woah. peanut toe.”

    wigasus. that’s all. 

    very solid film. honestly i think it’s better than the first one (idk how that’s possible) but i enjoyed this so much. the animation was so pretty, plus almost all of the characters are likeable. grug’s character development was so well done.

    i honestly wish belt would’ve been more relevant since he’s adorable, but i can see how they wanted to bring the new characters into the light. seeing eep finally having a friend…

  • Her



    “the past is just a story we tell ourselves.”

    i will now be sending my therapy bills to joaquin phoenix thanks 

    this was the most original film i’ve seen in awhile, and it was really good!! i liked how it was set up as a futuristic romance and how their relationship was so complicated (mostly because samantha didn’t have a body)

    but can the future be as aesthetically pleasing as this film PLEASE like this was so pretty. especially the…