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  • American Beauty
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  • Rear Window
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  • Fresh



    When Uber and other rideshare apps came to prominence, luddites cried that these services were not as safe as catching taxis. "You mean I'm getting a ride from some stranger? No thanks." What these people never realised, and continue to ignore, is that your average rideshare app offers greater transparency over the identity of your driver compared to traditional taxi companies.

    When it comes to dating apps, it's not the people on the outside looking in who are the harshest…

  • Sometimes Always Never

    Sometimes Always Never


    As a competitive Scrabble player, I was disappointed the game wasn't employed as a more significant plot device. But hey, I now know how to fasten the buttons on my jacket.

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  • American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile

    American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile


    No, you're not seeing things. My finger did not slip. I actually gave this film 4.5/5. I rate films by comparing their intention with their outcome. I don't think this film was aiming to be high art. It was just trying to have some fun, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • Napoleon



    MY CHILDHOOD. I will never understand why this is so under-appreciated.