I, Tonya

I, Tonya ★★★★

this film. THIS FILM. so chaotic and so good. The things that I like about it more than most biopics is the fact that the inconsistencies are so emphasized compared to just sticking to one side (the true side). Because in all seriousness, if a huge event like this occurs, there will ALWAYS be inconsistencies. This story wouldn’t be the same without them and they EMBRACED them and made this a wonderful, satirical masterpiece. TRULY AMAZING

this gd cast is just perfection. miss MARGOT ELISE ROBBIE really and truly went out did all of this and did what she does best which is LITERALLY bringing peace to this earth with her talents. Sebastian literally was freaking me out the whole time how well he was doing and ALLISON JANNEY IS GOD.

last but not least: in this house, we support Tonya Harding in EVERYTHING she does and we believe in ALL of her innocence thank you and good night

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