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  • Nana



    My words on this show are simply just to watch it. Watch it change you. Watch it shape your reality of life over and over again. Let it assess the relationships of your past and define the ones that are around you now. Watch the show force you to endure emotional pain, so much so that it repels you from returning to it. Have it mature you. Have it wisen you. Let it force a smile or a tear or…

  • Flowers of Evil

    Flowers of Evil


    review of show + manga

    I honestly didn’t know this existed until I saw it on letterboxd. By all means, give in to its alluring animation style and interesting cover. By god, ignore all the bullshit “DON’T READ THIS MANGA” or “THIS ANIME WILL DESTROY YOU” clickbait youtube video essays. That is so wrong and stupid. Calling it a psychological thriller is genuinely undermining it by a long shot… maybe even missing the point. In all senses this story is…

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  • My House Walk-through

    My House Walk-through


    schizophrenia,  alzheimers and, psychosis simulator (2016)

  • 28 Days Later

    28 Days Later


    this movie is sponsored by pepsi if you didn’t know

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