Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day ★★★★★

98/100 Phenomenal

This movie has grown on me quite a bit since my first viewing. I had a much lower rating that before but this time I got the chance to officially sit down on my own and watch it. It's an absolute blast and much funnier than I remember. I prefer this screenplay slightly over Edge of Tomorrow because of the simple fact that it works as a film but also because it's just simply here to entertain. Bill Murray is the spice of this film and the big reason of why I laugh so much. His comedic abilities always surpass my expectations. I miss films like this as he hasn't had a breakthrough comedy in such a long time. I'm not very familiar with the rest of the cast but just about everyone adds to this film. Bill Murrays different interactions with these people have plenty of moments that are emotional, funny, or downright crazy. This films most likely wouldnt have worked if they kept it as a simple comedy but it managed to make for some really great character moments. Bill Murrays character in particular as he has such a great arc about coming to care for other people that I felt they did a really good job with. His relationship with Rita being a key part of the film as it can have some of the best moments of payoff with his character.

I really love how this film didn't need to explain the reasoning behind the scenario. Where as a film like Edge of Tomorrow felt necessary to explain their concept this film didn't leave me wondering why it was happening. It simply keeps focus on the characters and the humor. Even as it concluded I still didn't feel left out as I thought it was the perfect way to conclude the film. I also really love the editing of the film. Its got plenty of moments whether its with the repeats of the day or even just a repeat of a specific scenario. The perfect date sequence being amazing as we get to see an implied restart of the day within every mistake he makes. I love how it knew how much certain sequences needed to be followed. The beginning of course being the most important part as we discover that somethings wrong along with him. It knew when to take us through moments and it also knew when to imply to the viewer that they have gone through the scenario multiple times. This is just one of those films that needed a bit of time to come around for me. I really love what this film was able to accomplish both in the premise and the influence it would have on the film industry. I am truely in debt to this film.

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