Skyfall ★★★★

Rank Value: 75

2012 Ranking

Skyfall moves in fast, takes the time necessary to establish conflict and characters, and doesnt drag on. While the emotion doesnt quite hit as hard for me personally, I still very much enjoyed the journey along the way. The cinematography mixed with the lighting offers some very memorable action sequences, particularly the train sequence. I also quite like Silva as the villain as he's a character quite similar to Bond but has gone down a vengeful path. The cast here really works, from Javier Bardem to Daniel Craig. Daniel Craig in his role is why this film works as much as it did. The rest of the characters, however, dont really connect with me. Especially M who as a character is very hardened by the way she views the world which doesnt really leave me room to root for her. By the end, the emotion didnt hit me because I didnt really care. It's not Judi Dench's fault because she's really good in the role, but it's how I feel about her character. That's also not to say the finale isnt without surprises either because I very much enjoyed the conclusion. The entertainment is enough I can consider this film great.

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