Tenet ★★★★½

90/100 Excellent

Agree or disagree with the film, you have to at least admit that something different was attempted with the film. For me, I thought the film satisfied me very much. I'm usually not too big into spy films and I thought this was an awesome film for the genre.

The film does an excellent job bringing a twist on a story that people would be familiar with. The time inversion elements were brilliantly implemented for some excellent action sequences and interesting take on the story. It can be confusing at first but after a little bit I started to understand. The elements are shot brilliantly and visuals look absolutely incredible.

I think my issue is a bit with the sound design. While it didn't bother me as much as it does with most people, I did find a few moments really hard to understand. The masks weren't the problem but rather some of the sound design being too loud over a conversation. I didn't have any issues with the exposition because I thought the structure of the film was impressive. Moments in the beginning of the film that didn't make enough sense did with the payoff of scenes later on. A specific fight scene between the protagonist and an unknown soldier set up an excellent twist later on in the film. There are plenty of moments with Pattinson's character that bring a lot of questions that demand for a rewatch. I really love movies that demand another watch to look for more details and appreciate the film even more.

Tenet is a film that demands more watches to better understand the story. I know this movie has people who don't like it but I really enjoyed myself. Finally having the opportunity to go back to the theater was amazing. I'm glad it was Tenet to bring me back.

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