Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★★

80/100 Great

2021 Ranking

What I liked:

- Guy Ritchie brings yet another solidly entertaining film with Wrath of Man. The movie's action is incredible and the stakes are well-constructed. A reason this film is so fun is because the violence never lets up. Even further, it surprises me how dark the film was willing to go. Characters can die anytime, and the deaths feel earned because of the construction of the characters and motivations. It makes for a brutal yet fun film that action fans like myself can enjoy.

- Many of the characters are developed quite nicely. There are quite a bit of characters in this film, but each of them add a bit of a different perspective on different situations. With the Robbers, there are a few who need the support, but there are also those with selfish intentions. Even with the bank trucking company, some characters have good wills and those who care only for themselves. The most developed character is H, who has a motivation for his actions, yet he chooses to go down a very dark path to avenge what he has lost. I think a big reason his character works so well is because of Jason Statham. Statham can be dark, but he can also be humorous. I also think he handles the action sequences quite nicely. The end has quite a bit of payoff for his character, and its both emotional and awesome to see his vengeance.

- The non-linear storytelling lends really well to the film's story. Like other Guy Ritchie films, Wrath of Man starts with an intriguing scene to set up the mystery and show set the scene for the conflict. As the film progresses, different perspectives on the same situations give some great moments for each of the characters. There are plenty of payoffs for little details too, including a few I did not expect. Guy Ritchie sets up these plotlines rather well, and make this film far more enjoyable.

What I'm mixed about.

- Wrath of Man makes it a bit tough to root for any of the characters. Most of the central characters have their motivations, but their actions can make it hard for me to find any likable characters. Although I sympathize with both the robbers and H, they both do terrible things, making hard to pick one side over the other. It is not the biggest problem, but it is a bit of an issue at times.

What I disliked:

- The entire first act of this film is way to jokey for my liking. I though the writing for the jokes was bad, and the delivery fell flat. Even compared to the rest of the film. I feel like if the first act was better, this would have been a much better film. I just took me too long to get on board with the movie.

Final Verdict:

Wrath of Man is a film filled with brutal action and complex characters, helping the film overcome its weak writing.

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