The Thing ★★★★★

I'll never miss an opportunity to see John Carpenter's The Thing on the big screen, but it's always extra special when the last remaining 70mm is back in town. This is my second go-round seeing this print at the Aero Theatre, and it was just as incredible an experience as it was the first time. Like all of the best horror films, and The Thing might just be the best, this is absolutely better if seen with a large audience because of their reactions. Screams after every perfect jolt, applause after Rob Bottin's masterful creature effects light up the screen... It's just crazy to me that this film was absolutely hated upon its initial release, but I suppose its durability and continued vitality almost forty years later has always been a better litmus test. If anything, because audiences in 1982 rejected it as too grim and too gross probably meant from day one that this was a secret masterpiece. Thankfully it's assumed it's position on a pedestal as a cornerstone for the horror genre, and it'll always have a warm place to hide within my own heart as my favorite film ever.

Perhaps one day I'll write something longer and more substantial about the film. God knows there's plenty to say with material this rich and dense. But The Thing sorta just speaks for itself, and hardly needs me to defend its merits or explore its thematic depths. If I write anything, it'll be for my own sake. Absolutely a landmark in horror. Just gets better each and every time.

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