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This review may contain spoilers.

Opening Thoughts:

From the trailer, when the lady gets kick through the door, on Blood and Bones DVD, I wanted to see this movie, but didn’t really have any expectation, but thought the idea would be fun, people getting their asses beat left and right, was pull in and the rest was the hook, and boy was right. This sh*t was f*cking funny, from the beginning I was laughing and still laughed to the end, there where 3 or 4 times I really laughed hard. The obvious mistakes were the funniest part, just like the blaxploitation movies were. The numerous faces I recognized was also a treat, from Jonesy (Cedric Yarbrough) to Arsenio Hall to Tommy Davidson to Brain McKnight, everyone was hilarious. The lines also are those kind of iconic movie lines that really bring the movie home, like in blaxploitation movies, the lines are the best part, beside the nudity, women, and ass kicking. Unlike the original blaxploitation movies this movie is actually good. If they do make a part 2, I can’t wait, it’s been awhile since I laughed through a whole movie (Hangover) and instantly became a fan of these characters, story, the whole premise. The were no errors, other than obvious made ones, I saw, and I was pulled into the movie and enjoyed every minuet of it, although being pure stupidity and nonsense the movie works. A must buy, this movie, and watch it from time to time, it worth it, plus it will funny every time, a 4.5 out of 5.


A spoof of the 1970’s era blaxploitation movie genre, and a action packed, action comedy of reductio ad absurdum, and crime grind house genre.


The story really takes all the traditional themes of all the blaxploitation movies of the past, and spins it into one great movie. In the 1970’s, an ex-Vietnam Vet and CIA agent, whose brother, wanting to be like his brother, goes undercover for the CIA, and is discovered as an “outsider,” gets gunned down by the mob. Finding out Black Dynamite, goes on a rampage of ass kicking, face punching, bitch slapping, question asking, money getting killing rampage, to find out first who killed his brother. Then who selling drugs, to orphans and kids, on the streets of his city. As the puzzle begins to unfold he discovers that the drugs are a way to shrink the “black johnsons” of the country to bring the black man down, and that order is coming from very high up, by “the man”, later figure out to “tricky dick himself, President Richard Dixon. This rampage is met many eccentric varied group of people, who becomes Black Dynamite’s posse of ass kickers, and hilarity ensues on there adventure.


All the actors fit their part very well, watching the movie I felt I was watching a blaxploitation movie, with actors, clothes, locations, themes, cars, and language from the 70’s era. The comedic approach and nature of the many characters really goes well with this movie, and fit the drama and action in the movie. The general playfulness, and acknowledgement that they are ridculous characters, make the characters, even bad ones likable. As I watched it I saw the characters first as the actors then they morphed into their characters, it was very well acted, you can see that the actors really enjoyed and got into the these characters, especially Michael Jai White.

Michael Jai White as Black Dynamite, is Black Dynamite, he embodies and becomes the character, not to mention he really can do martial arts, which adds to the reality of his performance, his demeanor of being a no nonsense guy, also fit Black Dynamites no nonsense nature. In addition the fact that White wrote and created these character , makes it even more an authentic character.


The look of the film is very grainy and distorted, and has bad lighting (reverse film process), which all help make the visuals authentic to the era, and makes well, at times looks the exact same and transitioned, with the stock footage of real blaxploitation films. They also do a good job at highlight the numerous mistakes that would have occurred originally, in these genre movies, due to time issues, lack of money, lack of skills, etc., the was present, and gave those movies their niche and feel. Concluding the visual were stunning, for being purposely flawed, and the feel was convey as one would expect it to be.


The movie was very well directed and one could say it’s not hard to make a movie that suppose to have mistakes, but that person who is directing would need to have a good grasp of what to purposely mess up, to gain that comedic touch of it looking natural but planed. The action scenes and general flow of the movie was well done, and gets the job done.


I like him in Spawn but wasn’t a fan but when I saw Undisputed II, and Blood and Bones I was hooked on the Michael Jai White movies, and seeing him beat peoples ass plus he was in favorite movie getting his mouth cut, The Dark Knight. I got done watching it and couldn’t wait to see more the characters and story and other shanagains the would follow Black Dynamite, and the varied group of people in his world.