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  • Hollywood 90028

    Hollywood 90028


    Michelle: "Do you live alone?"
    Mark: "Everybody lives alone."

    Quite possibly the greatest, least discussed, and nearly forgotten film about Los Angeles and its beautifully, tragically endemic culture of twenty-somethings who have abandoned family, friends, and the comforts of home in pursuit of big city dreams. It is a reality that everybody recognizes, but that few would ever openly admit - especially to one another. Life in LA is frequently difficult, at times utterly unmanageable, and by default requires of…

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  • Lost Voyage

    Lost Voyage


    Nothing that happens in this movie from start to finish matters or makes sense. You could easily re-edit this movie into an unambitious, mundane, maybe even boring-in-a-good-way short film about two middle-aged people who share a vague interest in The Bermuda Triangle but whose separate professional lives similarly refuse to accommodate or enable their equal obsession with TBT and who then go out to dinner together. I'm not saying someone should do this or that I will, but rather that it is simply possible.

  • Blind Terror

    Blind Terror


    The straight-faced running joke of this otherwise by-the-numbers post-millennial TV-movie thriller is that the purported psycho stalker ex-wife of the main character Susan's (Kinski) new husband is named Leslee Seeward (aka C-Word).

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  • The Punisher

    The Punisher


    Forget PUNISHER: WAR ZONE. Goldblatt made an 80s action masterpiece.

    10 reasons why you should stop everything and watch THE PUNISHER now:

    1. Dolph Lundgren (!) as Frank Castle / The Punisher.
    2. Jeroen Krabbe (!) as the new don of the Italian mafia.
    3. Explosions. Lots of 'em. Explosions within explosions.
    4. Scuba-Ninjas. Stop. Read it again. Fucking scuba-ninjas!
    5. A deadly woman who crucifies a man with her earrings.
    6. A vision of Castle as a broken, fragile,…

  • Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films

    Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films


    "If something excites you, be brave. And go! Try to do it good, but do it." - Menahem Golan

    Two cousins, their sincere love of cinema, and the collapse of their empire.

    Hartley's previous doc (MACHETE MAIDENS UNLEASHED!) fell victim to a sad tragedy in that it spent ninety agonizing minutes making fun of and shaming its subject matter. ELECTRIC BOOGALOO begins with the same regrettable tone, calling the films "silly," "stupid," and "low budget," but after 15 minutes, the…