Black Panther ★★★½

“I’m just feelin’ it.” - Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan)

The most suave, charismatic, and yet chilling reasoning for committing a criminal act: because I feel like it (to paraphrase the ridiculously-named Erik Killmonger portrayed by Michael B. Jordan). No reason needed. There’s more to this, of course, but the small gesture sends ripples through this film paired with the unpredictable mania of Klaue (portrayed by near feral Andy Serkis).

There’s a narrative beat missing in the transition from the second to third act, but that’s a minor complaint overall. I weirdly might’ve preferred a three-hour cut of this film where scenes - even at a runtime of over two hours - didn’t feel a bit abbreviated. Nobody really spends any time alone in this movie and I really wanted Boseman and Jordan to have time on their own to think, opine, or entertain soliloquy. You can’t get everything you want, huh?