Floundering ★★★★★

At times implausible and woefully deadpan, but without any hesitation I would call my viewing experience of FLOUNDERING succinctly perfect. Maybe it's because I (like the main character) am living in Los Angeles, struggling to find full-time employment, while all the while attempting to quietly negotiate separate, unresolved frustrations, large and small. Maybe it's because of the avalanche of cameos and supporting roles by nearly everyone you might expect to find in an offbeat 90s movie (ex. Steve Buscemi, John Cusack, Ethan Hawke, and more). Maybe it's because the film is ultimately hopeful and a celebration of uncertainty, serendipity, and that concept Keats called negative capability: the willful embrace of the poetics of not knowing - the right to choose beauty over cold, hard facts. Maybe it's all of the above. Doesn't matter. I'm in love.